• Solo聽realizo encargos de dise帽os limitados ya hechos por mi y que est茅n en la聽Tienda Online聽o en la聽Galeria.
    • No hago cambios del dise帽o original. (Salvo que tenga que adaptarlo por el tama帽o de la piedra)
    • Un encargo siempre tendr谩 un聽valor聽a帽adido聽a una pieza ya hecha.
    • El precio puede聽encarecerse聽por diversos motivos,聽por la piedra, diferencia del tama帽o original, cambios de adaptaci贸n del dise帽o, etc
    • Por favor, ten en cuenta estos factores antes de solicitarme un presupuesto.聽
    • Solo trabajo con mis materiales y mis piedras, por favor, no me pidas presupuesto para que te haga una pieza con un piedra/cabuj贸n que tienes o que te transforme/arregle una pieza que ya tienes.聽
    • No hago arreglos.

These are the questions you ask me the most.

Frequent questions

Where can I see models to choose a design?

You can look in the Online Store or in the Gallery , you will find ready-made models that can serve as a reference to choose one that you like.

Prices may vary from the original if it is already done.

Can I ask you for an estimate?

Of course, to be able to do it you have to tell me in detail what you want, the stone, the design, etc. to be able to make an assessment and give you a price.

The more information you give me, the better.

If you have doubts between several models or stones and you want me to make a pre-design for you, you will have to give me a signal in advance.

Please , before asking me for a price or a budget, take these factors into account. Making a budget takes time and dedication to be able to value a job.

Please, do not ask me for a quote out of curiosity.

Is an order more expensive?

The big question you always ask me.

An order does not have to be more expensive, but there are many factors that can make an order for a piece that is already made more expensive.

You have to take into account some details and that entails extra work that must be assessed.

The price of a piece can become more expensive than one already made, for various reasons, due to the stone, difference in the original size, possible changes in adaptation of the design due to the shape of the stone, time dedicated to design and interpretation, etc.

These are factors to take into account since it is a customization, you will have a unique piece made to your liking and that is always an added value to assess.

That is why it is important, the more facilities you give me and if you are clear about what you want, you have seen it and there are no changes, send me a message and I will give you a budget.

Can I modify a design?

Yes, if you have seen a model and want to make some modification to it, I can do it.

This can sometimes alter the design and you would have to adapt it by making a new design to make it fit and it could make the piece more expensive.

Ask me if you have any questions.

Can I send you a stone or photo of a design that I have or have seen?

I don't feel it.

I only commission designs already made by me and that are on the Web and I only work with my materials and my stones, please, do not ask me for a quote to make you a piece with a stone/cabochon that you have or that will transform you/ fix a piece you already have.


I do not make arrangements or modifications of other pieces.


Do not send me photos of other jewelers, I DO NOT MAKE COPIES OF OTHER DESIGNS THAT ARE NOT MINE

Can I choose the stone?

Yes of course!!

I can show you the cabochons that I have finished and that they adapt to the design that you like, but it is important that you tell me what stone or color you like so that I can tell you what I have and make a selection to show you so that you can choose the one that you like.


Please, don't ask me to show you everything I have is already complicated and I don't have an updated stock of cabochon photos.

How long do you take?

The delivery time of your Custom piece will depend on the design and work of the piece, and can be from 1 to 2 weeks from the moment of full payment of the piece. Taking into account business days, etc.

When and how do I have to make the payment?

Once we have made the decision of the piece you want and you accept the budget, the payment of the total order will be made. I will not start the piece until the payment is complete.

I will send you a link through the Online store with the total payment.

(If you gave me a signal it will be deducted)

This link will be valid for 3 days, if I do not receive the payment within that period, the order will be canceled and the deposit will not be refundable.

What do I do if I want a Custom Design?

Currently I do not make custom designed pieces, I only make custom pieces of models already made and that are in the gallery.

But if you have an idea in your head, ask me, if it's possible and it goes with my style, we can look at it, I like challenges and I usually accept one, it depends on whether it's feasible for me and on the time I have.

If I see it feasible, you will have to give me a signal so that I can start with the design.

Do you make custom cabochons?

No, I only do the orders with the cabochons that I have available.

If I haven't made the one you want, you'll have to wait for me to make new ones. I do have stone, so if you see one that you like I wouldn't let it get away.

If you want to choose one so you don't run out of it, on social networks I usually say when I cut stones, stay tuned ;)

Other conditions

Shipping costs are not included, the free shipping promotion is not valid for custom orders/designs.

Orders cannot be cancelled, modified once accepted or returned.

Once the budget is accepted, no changes of any kind can be made in the design or in the order, nor can they be removed or added.

If you have had to give a signal, this will be discounted from the final price.

This sign is non-refundable.

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