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Since I started working with silver by taking Jewelry courses, I have been delving deeper into this exciting world of Handmade Jewelry.
I love taking my torch and soldering, I enjoy it so much that I would spend hours without putting it down.

I love bohemian and Navajo style jewelry, with silver stamping with punches and semi-precious stones.

I make each piece from the beginning of its production, the entire process from silver lamination, soldering, setting, metal stamping, carving and polishing, etc. is done by hand in my workshop and without external help.

Rings, bracelets, pendants, etc. with techniques from casting and cross-linking of silver, a process in which the silver must be brought to an annealing temperature, repeating this process several times until the piece wrinkles, creating a texture with the fire.

Here I leave you a small sample of the process of a ring