I'm Lapidary!

"A person whose job is to carve precious stones is called a lapidary ."

Those of you who know me know that I am passionate about having control of all the processes of my work, it must be 100% artisanal and does not pass through other hands.

I have always liked precious stones, I have a devotion for turquoise, so when I discovered the work of stoning I couldn't resist trying to find out how to learn it.

I found a course and without thinking I signed up, just thinking that I could make my own cabochons, starting from a rough stone and giving it the shape I wanted to make my jewelry... a dream come true.

Here I briefly show you the process, once the stone is cut, it is roughed on the grinder. Then, we go on to carve it giving it the shape we want, in this case it was oval and finally we polish it so that it is shiny and beautiful.

This was my second amazonite cabochon that I turned into a pretty ring.