Hello, I'm Maku!

In 2006 I began to create my dream, RING YOU.

Creating has always been important to me. Since I was little I always liked creating my own designs, I had fun making alterations to clothes and I made my own patterns. or at least, he tried to.

I learned to sew as a child, as a teenager I made my own clothes and customized my clothes and that's how I realized that I wanted to study fashion design, but I didn't finish it, the world of fashion didn't capture me the way I wanted.

Over time I began to discover jewelry techniques based on Chain Mail, it was making a fabric but in a more fun way, you control the entire creative process and I saw the amount of options it gave me when I discovered the union of steel with neoprene, with these two materials united to create an elastic, comfortable, lighter fabric that adapts to a second skin.

This is how I created a different product in the world of fashion and one of my dreams.

In 2018, after 12 years doing collections, fashion shows, productions for advertising, costumes for artists, etc..., I embarked on a new adventure.

I enrolled in jewelry schools and between what I learned and my self-taught enthusiasm, I became a Jeweler and Lapidary.

I have created a new jewelry line of unique and handmade silver pieces with a bohemian and wild touch, inspired by Navajo Jewelry.

The need to evolve has made me enter the world of jewelry and goldsmithing, learning techniques with metal in recent years, exploring new concepts, materials, becoming even more passionate about stones and thus creating a new, more personal line. , more unique and where each piece is handcrafted with a lot of care and love.

I have searched for my identity and I have created my new bohemian spirit project, with stones, aged silver, textures, etc. Everything is based on the freedom and beauty of imperfections created with an intention, having a life of their own and being unique.
I make all my production myself, without external workshops or help, since there is exclusivity and difference in my designs, I make them one by one, taking care of even the smallest detail.

If you are looking for something special and want to personalize a piece, feel free and contact me, together we will find the jewel you are looking for.