I am Artisan

I am registered in the Register of Artisan Activities of the Community of Madrid and I have the Artisan Card :)

1. An artisan is considered to be any natural person who carries out an activity qualified as a artisan, and an artisan company to the economic unit, whether a natural person or a legal entity, that carries out an artisan activity.

2. For these purposes, crafts are those activities of creation, production, repair, transformation, restoration of artistic and non-food consumer goods, also including the provision of services
complementary to the main activity. This activity must be carried out through a process in which personal intervention is a decisive factor, supervising and controlling the entire production process, and which results in obtaining an individualized final product that is not susceptible to a fully mechanized industrial production or in large series, it being essential that the activity carried out be fundamentally manual in nature.

3. Areas of Artisan Interest may be declared those that are distinguished by their active and homogeneous craftsmanship, or are of special artisan interest for cultural and socio-economic reasons. may be
grant distinctive artisanal character to Madrid artisan products, as well as distinctive identity and geographical origin in the cases of Areas of Artisan Interest.

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