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One piece per design

Every piece I make is Unique, so if you see something you like, don't let it slip away.

I want to enjoy each design and the idea is to do it thinking about how I would do it for myself. That's why I want it to be special, taking care of and pampering all the details and that can only be achieved in the first design. I will never make pieces in production. If each person is unique, I want my pieces to be for unique and authentic people.

If you want a piece and it has already been sold, you can order it from me.

. Look at the conditions and how I work on orders.

Artisan and Lapidary Jewelry

I am an artisan, all my work is done by hand in my workshop in Madrid.

My greatest inspiration comes from Navajo Jewelry, I am passionate about their techniques and turquoise 💙

I only work with sterling silver and my inspiration comes from Navajo Jewelry. I use techniques that I have learned self-taught through time, patience and a lot of love for what I do.

I love having my own style that is different so that when you wear one of my jewelry, you feel like you are wearing something unique and made for you.

Value and enjoy this art, totally handmade, from start to finish

Artisan card
  • This is how I work

    100% Artisan work.

    Made by me from start to finish.

  • Orders

    I make orders on special occasions.

    (I don't make arrangements and just work with my materials.)

  • Shipping

    I ship worldwide.


I am Lapidary

I am a lover of Turquoises. This was one of the main reasons for becoming a Lapidary, to be able to cut my own stones starting from a rough "stone".

This way I can make original shapes from hearts, rays, cats, moons, etc... making my work more personal.

I select the stones with detail and with my personal taste, the rarer the better, that's why here you will see stones that you have never seen before.

This is how I cut a Turquoise and make a Cabochon